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About us

You are welcome to auto sevice VRS Auto home page!

For six years, we provide repair services for cars and trucks, and vans and other vehicles.

Our company has been in existence for more than six years, and we are always ready to help you. We try to provide high quality repair work.

The main direction of our service centers - body work and painting, but we also provide other services including - car repairs, preparing for TA. We tried to make all your wishes to repair your car. Some of the services we provide on the spot, but with the help of our partners, we solve these problems. Nevertheless, we do not stand still, and evolve, and our range of services is constantly growing.

At the moment we are working with individuals and legal entities and offer the following services:

body repair,

painting - local and complete,

polished body,

including protective polishing,



replacement lamps,


adjusting CO - CH,

electrical work,

replacement of oil;

adjusting the alignment of wheels,

tire fitting,


repair of chassis and engine,

inset windows,

preparation for TO,

car wash,

interior cleaning,



services of a tow truck;

replacement car while repairs;

room for clients;

budgeting for insurance companies,

Tinted windows,

restoration of motor vehicles;


much more.

Our experts will advise you on the phone. 29565692, 29566508 or directly to the service station. We store information about each car that allows you to trace the history of work in our service. In case of need provide tow for transportation to the service and replacement car while repairs your vehicle.


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